"POTY" (Patch Of The Year) Is a simple dual band dish feed for Es'hail-2 / QO-100
This antenna is designed by Mike Willis G0MJW, Remco den Besten PA3FYM and
Paul Marsh M0EYT
TX 2400 MHz Circular polarized patch antenna
RX 10500 MHz Linear horn antenna with dielectric lens
All parts to built the antenna can purchaged as a kit on this site.

The kit contains the following parts:

1) CNC milled dielectric lens
2) CNC cut brass patch plate
3) CNC cut brass reflector plate
4) SMA connector + screws
5) CNC milled copper waveguide tube

Pricing: 30,25 incl. BTW (VAT) excl. shipping
Shipping price: NL, 4,50 with T&T
DL-UK-FR-BE-IT-ES-OE-DK-LUX, 14,00 with T&T
Request prices for other countries.
73, Hans Holsink pe1ckk

Download: Assembly instructions:

Download: Orinigal publication:

Download: External 25MHz reference on Starcom LNB:
External 25MHz reference

At this moment I am out of stock!
Due to hollidays and relocation of a subcontractor first deliveries are expected half Oktober.
If you want on the list please drop an e-mail: pe1ckk@hetnet.nl

Some other "QO100" and microwave stuf:

LNB mounting on the POTY::

Some people asked me how to mount the POTY to the LNB.

The easiest way to mount the LNB to the POTY is by drilling a 22mm hole in the plastic cap on the front side of the LNB and push the POTY waveguide inside.

Push the POTY al the way until it meets the metal horn inside.

By rotating the POTY you get the flex out of the cap and the waveguide stays in position.

With silicon sealant the LNB get fixed and watertight.

The dish mount is placed just after the Patch reflector, not on the LNB!

Dielectric lens:

After some experiments we construct some dielectric lenses you can print yourself from PLA.
Fill 100%,
It is better to print more at the same time otherwise you have problems with the heat built up in the small top cylinder. Now it has time to cool down before the new layer.
Performance is equal with the milled PA lens.

Download Small model f/d 0,4
Download Large model f/d 0,5
Download Final model f/d 0,6

SMA grips:

Seen a lot of printed SMA grips around, but none of them worked well. Or they where to wide or they where to tight to fit.
I decided to design an always fit type!
Printed many of them with good result.
Fill 20%,

Download STL File