SG Lab

2.4 GHz 20W Power Amplifier V2





Frequency range RF

2.38 GHz

2.4 GHz

2.43 GHz

Output Power at 28V DC

18 W

20 W

22 W

Output Power at 24V DC

15 W

17 W

Power Gain


Input Power

0.5 W

0.8 W

Power Supply Voltage

24 V

28 V

28 V

Quiescent current

0.3 A

0.4 A

0.45 A

Current Consumption at 20W out

1.45 A

1.5 A



Dimensions without SMA conn.

82 x 57 x 19 mm


LDMOS transistor

20W output power

16 dB power gain

Internal Directional Couplers with diode detectors at PA Input and Output

3 Different options for Transistor Bias Voltage switching

Transistor Bias Voltage (PTT) Switching options

Selectable by Jumper:

1. PTT is switched ON by connecting PTT pin to the ground.
2. PTT is switched ON by applying +3....+12V to PTT pin
3. PTT is switched ON simultaneously with Power Supply Voltage.

Directional Coupler Voltages:

1. FWD Voltage Input 0.5V typ. @ 0.5W input power
2. FWD Voltage Output 3.5V typ. @ 20W Output power
3. REF Voltage Output - reflected wave , can be used to calculate estimated output SWR

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