Delay Timer


12V delay off module
1. With 8 time ranges selected shortest 0.1s most up to 1 hour
2. Protection against power reversal protection diode, better protection module
3. Can be accessed by a large current load (250V AC 10A or 30V DC 10A)
4. With delay adjustment potentiometer clockwise adjustment time longer5.
Delay time range selection method, put S1, S2, S4 switch to different position, the potentiometer can adjust different time ranges

Electrical parameter:
Input Voltage: 12V
Quiescent Dissipation: 13mA
Maximum Power Consumption: 48mA
Relay Load Capacity:
250V 10A AC (2500W ideal power AC)
30V 10A DC (300W ideal power DC)
Size: 5.5*3cm/2.16*1.18"